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The First Kenyan Man to Ever Own a Car

The number of vehicles in the Kenyan roads have increased dramatically in the recent past perhaps due to technnological advancement and the need to meet demand informed by increase in the number of the working class.

Sometimes we forget to take an historical journey down the memory lane and ask ourselves how life was when they wasn't a vehicle in the kenyan soil. But that's a discussion for another day.

Gerald Gikonyo Kanyuira wrote his name with an indelible ink in the kenya's history after becoming the first kenyan to own a car in the country. Records articulate that Gikonyo and his ally whose name is not documented anywhere contributed each Ksh 150 in order to purchase a Ksh300 Austin A30.

He was not the wealthiest in the country at the time and used to earn a living through asking vegetables in the Asian districts of Nairobi (as they were called at that time). But he was one the most renowned and celebrated businessmen in the Kenya's entrepreneurship world before his unfortunate demise on July 11, 2020.

Some of his remarkable Investments include: Magomano Hotel, Alpha Hotel, Rwathia Beer Distributors and many more.

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