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Forget About V8 And Prados; This Migtht Be the Safest Mass Produced Internal Combustion Car On Earth

Volvo is the safest mass produced internal combustion car on earth, you have the Swedish comfort inside, and Swedish engineering, those 2L engine T4-T5 are quite potent engines but if you want even better fuel consumption and much higher torque you go for D4 or D5. It's stability, and infotainment system is quite good. Most People say that one can’t find mechanics here or spare parts, but it might be because sometimes they drive Toyota which has spare parts almost at every corner.

V8 and Prados are suvs which are quite mechanical but very unsafe in accidents or at speeds above 100 Km/hr. Volvos Xc60 series are made for people who take the car to light off-road but also who respects themselves. People with class and always believing that safety is above all.

The video below is an example of a guy who just walked from his car with maybe minor scratches after an accident. If this could be a Prado or V8 what could have happened?

Do you think this Volvo XC60 Car Can be best as Compared to Prado and V8 ?

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