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5 Things That May Disappear Forever Never To Be Seen In The Future

1. Ink signatures. With the ever improving technology, people are getting used to computers and paper work is less considered. Signatures can be applied electronically and more people are getting into it. In a few years ink signatures will have been outdated.

2. Keys. Most households used keys to lock their doors and other lockable places. However, digitalization has changed this. Doors can now be opened electronically by use of swap cards and remotes. This is evident with cars. Over 50% of all cars in the market today are controlled by remotes. Very few places currently need keys to operate.

3. The clutch pedal in cars. This is a thing we used to see in all cars. In modern cars, the clutch has been automated and can work by itself. Most cars now have only the brake and accelerator. In a short time, no car will be having the clutch pedal.

4. Handshakes. The corona virus has seen a tremendous change in how things are done. One of the things that has been affected is greeting people by shaking hands. It is a thing people fear. If the normal continues for more few years, our children may grow knowing shaking hands is something private.

5. School text books. Education has not been left behind when talking about technology. Actually it has been boosted. Nowadays you don't have to visit a library and wait on the long queue to borrow a book, you can get it on your phone in just a few clicks. In a few years, everyone will be owning a computer or smartphone and books will be of no use. This is also being supported by introduction of electronic means of teaching.

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