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Opinion: The Technique of Getting a New Car by Using The Law of Attraction

The greatest secret of ages that has the master key to all things you desire is the law of attraction. By the use of that law, man can draw anything he desires into his life.

Today, I will share with you a technique on how you can attract the car you want using the Law of Attraction and Visualization.

If you want a new car, stand in front of your house, in your driveway or wherever you are going to park it. As you stand in the place where you want your new car, visualize yourself sitting comfortably in the driver's seat.

Feel yourself driving in your car. Put your hands on the steering wheel and imagine yourself turning corners. Feel the notches behind the steering wheel. Get the full feeling of driving your new car .

As you sit in your car, smell that new car smell. Smell that luxurious leather interior. Now push the buttons that roll the windows up and down and listen to some soft music on the radio. Relax in the driver's seat and accept the new car in your experience.

By visualizing yourself with your new car in this way, and by getting the full feeling of having and driving your new car, you are preparing yourself to receive that car.

You are preparing yourself to have that car in your experience, and the Law of Attraction having the "know how" of accomplishment, will align all the forces of nature and attract your new car in your physical realm.

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