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The Newly Limousine Model That Has Left Kenyans In Talk

First ever Range Rover Limousine Hearse in the region introduced in Kenya by Delights Funeral Directors based in Eldoret.

Speaking to, a representative from Delight Funeral Directors confirmed that the hearse-hire service has broken new ground with the first-ever offering in Kenya.

The limo spots a maroon colour and has long gull-wing doors that can hold an adult-size hearse. On its rear end, it has swan doors that can sit three people.

The limousine cost around Ksh18 to Ksh20 million. Now, we are charging Ksh500,000. It just landed. The business itself has been around for five years,” he explained.

He added that the company was challenged to add the expensive machine into its fleet to expand its quality offering

Not to be that guy but this funky lil fella isn't a duesenberg despite the resemblance. it's a marquis custom coach limousine, most likely a variant off this 80s model

An electric armored limousine would be extraordinarily heavy — the current version weighs 15,000 pounds already, plus add in a battery big enough to satisfy all the Secret Service’s worst-case scenario planning.

A flagship limousine needs to be an expression of upper-crust status, demonstrate technological superiority, offer impeccable on-road refinement, incorporate lavish cabin trims and cutting-edge features, plus its performance needs to be muscular, yet effortless and demure. 

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Delight Funeral Directors Kenyans Range Rover Limousine Hearse


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