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20 Most Popular Captions on Trucks and Vehicles

When you are driving in most of Kenyan and Tanzanian roads, you will notice one thing in common. Most of the vehicles have some funny writings and sayings on them.

A majority being written in Swahili. This has been a tradition for most of the Swahili people. This dates way back in history. They are the ones who were believed to be responsible for some popular Swahili sayings. They used to print such saying on some women attire famously known as the 'Khanga'.

With the invention of vehicles in the modern era, the tradition was extended to most of them. Nowadays, its much fun cruising some of the roads as you end up reading most hilarious captions on people's cars.

Though some of these writings seem sarcastic, they are actually very humorous to read. Especially for those who understand what they actually say.

Here are some of the photos:

If there are some we forgot, kindly write them to us on the comments section below and let us enjoy together.

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