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What Will Happen If You Block The Exhaust Pipe Of A Car? Check Out

Hello guys? Welcome again as we learn about things in our environment. Today we will be looking at the effect of blocking the exhaust pipe of a car.

The exhaust is like the human nose only that it does one of its function, only removes carbon and water but does not take in air. I guess most of you didn't know that the exhaust pipe removes water.

What will happen if you block the exhaust pipe of a car? First if the car was off and you blocked it tightly, the car won't start when ignited. Blocking the exhaust when the car is moving is a little bit challenging but if you could manage, the car will go off immediately.

It is just like the human nose. If you block you nose you will find it difficult to breath and maybe suffocate. The burnt fumes need to be released continuously for efficiency.

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