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The Meaning Of The Big Red 'L' Written On The Back Of Most Cars

Observing a car may leave you with a lot of answered questions. Different cars have different stickers on them and most of them are not just placed there for fun. They have a reasons for beings there. When walking along a highway am sure you have noticed a big 'L' written in red on cars. Have you ever wondered what it means exactly. Here it is.

The "L" stands for learner. It's shown and placed there to mean that the person driving the car is still a learner in driving. Learners in driving are meant to have the stickers along until they become perfect in the industry.

Failure to place it on your car when still a learner could have much penalties to you as an individual. Itcan also make you lose your license never to drive again. The plate should not be removed unless the driver is a professional or it belongs to a driving school.

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Big Red 'L'


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