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Why Vehicles Have Gas Tank Door On Different Sides?

The manufacturers design everything in an automobile with a specific reason. And you might think of that reason when it comes to gas fuel door on different sides.

Some car companies install the gas tank door on the left side when others on the right. There is no specific reason for automobile manufacturers following this thing. And there are no specific rules and regulations for placing the door on either side.

So the vehicle manufacturers can fit the gas door on whichever side seems perfect.

The fuel tank design matters the most when mounting the door on either side. The manufacturers keep the location and structure in mind while designing the fuel tank door. It is essential for the underbody packaging of all the accessories underneath the vehicle.

Why Do Cars Have Gas Tank Door On Different Sides?

A number of traditional vehicles have gas tank door on the left or the passenger side. But numerous car manufacturers install this door on the right side these days.

There is not a particular reason why car manufacturers follow this trend. It is one of the famous unsolved mysteries in the automotive industry.

Car manufacturers are free to install the gas tank door on any side of the vehicle. Some vehicles pump gas from the left side thus have gas tank on the left.

And same is the case with cars having a gas tank on the right side. The automakers execute this process for easiest underbody packaging of the vehicle components.

And if you wonder why the fuel tank door is on the left or the right, do not wait for an exact answer, because there isn’t.

All You Need To Know About The Gas Tank Location

Car engineers place the car doors according to their convenience. It can be on the left or on the right. The automakers decide gas tank location to ease the fuel pumping process.

The location in which the interiors and underbody components easily fit is the final one. According to expert maintenance tips, the fuel tank position is only a matter of design and packaging. That is why the fuel tank doors are not on both sides of the car.

Most of the countries prefer car fuel tank on the left side. It is easier to park the car on the fuel pump when you have a tank on the left side.

Moreover it is essential to place the gas tank on the safest part of the vehicle. And the manufacturers install a gas tank where there is enough space and no wiring.

The Final Words

There you have it! That is all you need to know about the gas tank door location on your vehicle. And there is an arrow on the dashboard that indicates the position of the fuel tank if in case you do not remember the position while driving.

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