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The World's Smallest Car

Narrower than a phone box & shorter than a Vespa, the P50 microcar is officially the World’s Smallest Car. The Peel P50 is an ultra-light, single-seat, three-wheeler powered by a DKW motorcycle engine and it can travel at a speed of 60 km/hr. The car weighs 59 kgs and is only 41 inches wide and 54 inches long and can only carry one person.

The car has no reverse on the three-speed gearbox however due to the the car’s light weight it can be turned around by lifting the rear of the car with the handle provided.

The car has two miniature windshield wipers, a singular headlight and the vehicle's only door is found on its left side.

It comes in five different colors and has a fibreglass monocoque chassis that makes the car light, yet tough. Unfortunately Only 50 Peel P50’s were ever made and only 27 are known to still be in existence therefore owning one is difficult. The car is not cheap either as it costs more than $10,000 USD.

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DKW Peel P50 Vespa World 's Smallest Car


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