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How Tea Farmers Lose Their Bonuses Annually

A farmer plucking tea.Photo/courtesy.

Tea farmers loose thousand of shillings every year around October to cons in tea growing zones of Bomet county.

The farmers transact businesses in the townships of Bomet,Sotik,Litien and Kericho

They throng to these towns since October is the season the farmers get bonuses for tea delivered to factories for the year.

Some of them come with wads of currency notes to bars and clubs to show off and ultimately they fall prey and are robbed of their money.

Many people parade themselves in several bars and clubs waiting to reap from where they did not sow and sweat.

They target farmers with whooping amounts of tea bonuses and those who want to flirt and fling with them

Many have lost money in the past and such cases are rife but the farmers have not learnt the lessons.

They have devise away of "milking" the money.They either lace the drinks with drugs popularly known as mchele.

That will make one unconscious or alternatively they send one of their own to the room early and hide under the bed.

Some hide themselves under the bed in rooms and walks away stealthily or secretly with the money and other valuable properties of the victim.

Others position themselves near banks or banking halls so that they identify their soft potential prey and surveil on them before robbing them.

Some of them work in groups and collude with cons.They make prior visits to the area when the payment of bonuses is nearing in order to gather more information on how much they will be paid.

They also recce bars and clubs that are popular and crowded.Many lodges are fully booked as from nine o'clock in the morning.

When they hit the target,they disappear for a while so that they avoid being obvious suspects and not caught by the long arm of the law.

Many families break up this time of the year because of the misunderstandings on how to share and use the bonuses.

Many may children may miss their fees when schools reopen next year because their fathers squander tea bonuses.

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