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Innovative Agricultural Production Displayed by Ukulima Tech As Workd Food Day is Celebrated

As the world marks Food Day on 16th October since its inception in 1945 when the Food and Agricultural Organisation of The United Nation was founded.

Food has become an essential part of our life and with industrialization and climate change its production has not been enough and many have advocated for cleaner farming with improved methods for sustainable output.

The United Nations has been at the forefront of fighting malnutrition and hunger is different parts of the world.

Ukulima tech an agricultural organization celebrated its day by displaying innovative methods of farming that are best suited especially when land is a scarcity resource.

The methods involve few resources with little space required hence efficient for home-based agriculture especially in urban centers ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

Agriculture remains the backbone of most African countries making it a gold mine in the coming years as the demand for food is rising day by day.

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