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Meet The Strangest Tribe in Africa With Animal Feet

Meet The Strangest Tribe in Africa With Animal Feet

They are called the VaDoma tribe and they are found in the Northern Zimbabwe area in Zimbabwe and are ,generally known as the ostrich type of people and are sometimes called Doma or Dema.

The Vadoma speaks the dimatal and can trace their ancestors who they believe were from the baobab tree and walked straight to hunt and collect and gather fruits .

They are one hunter type of tribe in Zimbabwe that lives within the Kanyemba area across the basins of a tributary of the Zambezi River Valley, also the Lun tribe is the one non-agricultural neighborhood in Zimbabwe


Also it is thought the have a genetic problem generally known as Ectrodactyly or Lobster's claw syndrome which is the absence of a number of fingers or toes from birth and an inherited dominant genetic mutation affect just one in every four child within the faduma group.

Their three center fingers are absent and the outer fingers are inverted. The case led to the tribe being referred to as 'with fingers' or 'an ostrich'.

Furthermore, there is a law in Zimbabwe that prevent them to marry from another group, this is to make sure that the other tribe dont i herit the type of feets when they have children, They are not lablled as disabled in society, they usually imagine that their toes allow them to climb bushes trees higher.

The members of vaDoma apparently opposed the opposition within the kingdom Korekore Shona of Mutapa earlier than the European colonization. They also eat fertile soil to develop their crops.

Today they are presently staying and living with their nomadic life-style in a place called Chewore Safari, which is now their mountainous habitat, sometimes they are threatened by game reserve wardens who stop them from over fishing.

Finally, Averybody who feels sorry for them must also have to see that they really also feel sorry for you as well , since you are so totally different from them as they see the case may be.

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