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Selfies taken right before death or in other words, last selfies.

Selfies are a thing,especially in this generation where everyone wants to take a snap of their favorite places and occasions as a souvenirs.However, we never know what's the last picture we could be taking and so if you have or need to tell someone you love something always tell them and never postpone it,here are the last selfies taken by these people right before they died. May their souls rest in peace.

1.Correte mellano and Ashley

On june 2014 collet and Ashley came early from job and on their way home collet took a photo of her and her friend Ashley while they were on the passengers seat.Unknowingly, they found themselves behind a Truck and collet suffering from asthma started choking from exhaust fumes from the truck.

In a move to save collet,her friend leaned by the window to see if there was an on coming car she didn't spot any not knowing there was another high speed one coming through.They got into a collision and ashley and the driver sirvived while collet who took the hit died on the spot.She left a son and her fiancee 

2.Gary Slock

In July 17 2014 while travelling for what they called dream holiday,15 year old footballer Gary slock took a photo of her and her mother.

Flight MH17 was later struck by Russian missiles by the side of the plane which sucked people out, the presure getting in forced the plane down killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew members.

3 Courtney.

October 2011 in the evening,while on her car listening to Pharrell williams song, Courtney posted this picture on her Facebook with the caption "This happy song makes me really happy"

Its at this untimely moment that her car collided with an incoming truck, the truck hit a tree and her car immediately burst into flames burning her to death.

4.Uttah teenagers

While on the kaynan rail rozd crossing, kelsie, webster and her friend Ricker stood between the 2 parallel rails to take a selfie with one of the already incoming train.Uknowingly, there was another train coming on the opposite side and the first trains hoots made it hard for them to hear the other coming train.They posted this Facebook picture with the caption "standing close to a moving train"

It's said that the first within moments, they were between 2 super speed going trains and it is thought that they were struck by one trains pressure to the other train which killed them.Kelsie and webster died ln the same day while the other died 3 days later after being taken off life's support.

5.Lee jah yao.

Relationships can be quite hurting especially when it ends just as it was for this 18years old Shanghai teen.Lee jah yao had been dating her now ex boyfriend for 3 years to an extent where they even begun calling each others names like hubby wifey and had even started picking baby names.Uknown to her, her boyfriend was already married znd and had a kid in which he told her that he chose his wife over her.On March 2014,she'd started posting pictures of her burning all the gifts he bought for her and zt one time even wrote a caption "hard to forget unless I die'.

On March 2014 she posted the picture below of her feet standing on this tall building in which she later jumped on and committed suicide.

The caption read" if i die I'll cling on you day and night and i will never let go".

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