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Road Accident

12 People Rushed to the Hospital after A Deadly Accident In Allsops

There was a little bit of panic in Githurai after an incident which almost took the lives of 12 people who were later rushed to the hospital after the public service vehicle they were traveling in got into a grisly accident. 


According to the reports given by the witnesses or rather locals from Githurai, it was reported that the driver of the PSV was trying to overspeed and at the same time overtake other vehicles along the busy road. 

However, this was put to a stop after a deadly accident in which he veered off the road after loosing control of his car as he was trying to evade a possible head on collision with an oncoming motorist. 

The vehicle which is said to have landed on a Ditch is also reported to have left an unknown number of passengers injured with a number of them speculated to be 12 rushed to different hospitals with different degrees of injuries. 

Both the driver and the Conductors of the vehicle along with the bus were taken to the police station for more investigations and questioning about the tragic incident. 

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