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See The Young Toddler Who Was Carried Sky High In The Air By a Huge Flying Kite

At a kite festival on Sunday of August 2020 a three year old girl got entangled in a flying kite in Taiwan that threw her up in the air for about 30 seconds.

The festival was held in the city of Hsunchu in the South of the Capital city, Taipei. The video of the young girl went viral on many social media platforms. 

The large tailed orange kite caught the young girl as the wind took the center stage as the young girl stood by. It is however not so clear how she got caught up by the kite and how close she was close to the ground.

The young toddler blew her lungs, screaming up in the air as she dwindled in the blowing winds. For 30 seconds she remained In the air before she was pulled down by the near by spectators.

The young toddler was hurriedly rushed to a nearby health facility by her mother and other festival workers. She did not obtain serious injuries and only sustained minor bruises on her face, legs and in the neck, according to local medias in Taiwan.

The Hsinchu City Mayor in a statement on social media, Facebook expressed his apologies for the sudden incident. He said following the incident, the festival was brought to a halt to look into the safety of those who are attending. “We will review the circumstances to prevent accidents like this from happening again, and hold people accountable", purported the mayor. 

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