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What The Fuss Around Friday the 13th is All About

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Today is Friday the 13th, a day many like to stay indoors to avoid misfortunes.

Superstitious people will tell you that this disasters associated with this day are not entirely new some even dating back to biblical times.

More recently, famous rapper was killed on a day like today further corroborating the fact that this is indeed an unlucky day.

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Number 13 is also considered unlucky with some even omitting the 13th floor in their buildings.More so, this number is highly associated with witchcraft as a coven of witches is formed by 13 members.

There are very many sad incidences which happened on a day like today. In 2012,the famous ship Costa Concordia slowly sank on Friday 13 and a total of 32 passengers drowned.

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Some people don't view it as jinxed though thanks to their religion. Some attribute the said sad incidences to sheer coincidences that have no scientific backing.

Do you consider this day jinxed?

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