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Mutahi Ngunyi Reveals A Sour State Of Relationship Between Kiambu And Uasin Gishu Counties | All Comments

2021-02-18 10:10:45
In Kenyan system, children grow knowing that Kenya belong to fourty two tribes scattered around all the boarders of this country. ...
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  • DavidKibe_01

    02-21 10:02:06

    Perpetrators of Mutahi's sourness between Kiambu and Uasingishu are meting the worst scenario between Mount Kenya and Rift Valley which most mutually need each other past mistakes no matter how serious notwithstanding.

  • CosmasNyarwati

    02-20 04:16:47


  • +254-72687****

    02-18 12:36:15

    so what do you mean

  • FrankNaivasha

    02-18 19:54:52

    Surprise, surprise....today mr. Ngunyi is not on Ruto. It must rain to- night.

  • DavidKibe_01

    02-21 09:56:19

    Handshake is the genesis of the sour relationship between Kiambu and Uasingishu courtesy of Uhuru and its catalyst Ngunyi.

  • GUEST_75R1rp2rq

    02-19 03:53:36

    Makende ya mosquito


    02-19 03:40:49


  • BenIkasi_01

    02-18 16:29:05

    Mutahis intelligence is useless, its tainted with his unending seeds of discord among brothers.

  • AnthonyNdege

    02-18 15:34:28

    This is a fool

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