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Kenyans Roast Senator Kindiki After his Post About Magufuli | All Comments

2021-03-18 19:04:25
Tharaka Nithi County Senator Prof Kithure Kindiki has made a post online about Late Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli, sparking a series of reactions from Kenyans online. ...
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  • GUEST_7P6X7mlyZ

    03-19 04:11:45

    cheap propaganda. when was the sugoi boy the CEO in Kenya? we know who the chief looters are. don't lecture on that coz we have been around from the time of jomo and jomolets and we can judge for ourselves

  • GUEST_nYprzMjza

    03-18 22:26:17

    a dictator who served his people well

  • Haiya

    03-18 21:46:07

    ever the learned joker


    03-18 22:26:57

    Prof. kindiki, you are a good man, pliz cokia ruui mukaro.

  • LakpriceKoxy

    03-18 21:31:23

    Kenyans ni wspumbavu. Hawapendi ukweli.

  • Naituso

    03-19 06:17:15

    Those are honest reactions from kenyans

  • GUEST_xJDx1vE4g

    03-18 20:22:45

    he was a dictator

  • SharifPonda

    03-21 12:40:45

    Magufuli wasn't a dictator bt he was forced by circumstances to dictate the corrupted cartels of Tanzania to set a conducive atmosphere for the low income earners of Tanzania to get economic opportunities.

  • AbushiriKatunzi

    03-19 09:24:13

    I am a Tanzanian. Thank you Kenyan brethren for your reactions. The late JPM was a sincere man.

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