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Arsenal Target Salzburg Striker in the Summer Transfer Window | All Comments

2021-02-17 17:38:15
Despite the transfer window being closed, it does not necessarily mean that players from different clubs won't be linked with moves away coming this summer. ...
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  • EazyB

    02-17 20:06:11

    Tyre of hearing fake news.Leave him just there.

  • +260-97496****

    02-18 07:30:19

    It will be great for Daka to heighten his football career in English soccer and open the market for serious Zambian footballers vying for the same.

  • Thomasmuwowo

    02-17 19:19:55

    We are tired of hearing Arsenal needs Daka if they want him let them buy him full stop not bla bla bla

  • KarenMusonda

    02-19 05:24:17

    that would be good news!

  • GUEST_WRzmnwdo4

    02-18 13:27:28

    this news is now boring mweeeee

  • GUEST_qjpQBjKRm

    02-18 10:19:44

    for sure

  • MophatKantanga

    02-18 08:52:37

    yes it is good to have Daka at the club

  • GUEST_QNnbjB99b

    02-18 08:18:55

    Gunners have a good team, if they can add Daka as a sniper top man for better.No time wasters.

  • GUEST_ad5JGlnK0

    02-18 07:57:50


  • DicksonChomba_01

    02-17 23:46:01


  • KelvinSichintu

    02-17 19:29:17

    patson daka is a good player let us bring him to arsenal.

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