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Why Kenya Should Impose A Total Lockdown If They Want To Defeat Covid-19 [Opinion] | All Comments

2021-04-04 13:15:07
H.A.S Dr Mercy M. MwangangiCovid-19 has continued to deteriorate the continuity of many development sectors across the country.Agriculture, business, education are among the most affected areas as have been staggering due to tye impacts of coronavirus. ...
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  • [email protected]

    04-04 14:28:45

    The more we live with it, the more vulnerable we are to die

  • GUEST_yyjRRongG

    04-04 18:01:55

    you are very wrong

  • GUEST_Klydw65rl

    04-04 18:40:24

    too good too late

  • GUEST_ozA47eKkd

    04-04 15:43:57

    giv u food an py for u rent

  • [email protected]

    04-04 14:27:39

    Concentrate on defeating covid-19 then return to normal

  • [email protected]

    04-04 14:26:46

    I think this is more appropriate than putting lockdowns and removing them every now and then

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