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JUST IN: President Museveni Finally Files His Response to Bobi Wine's 2021 Presidential Petition | All Comments

2021-02-06 13:29:05
President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda during a past event.Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has finally filed his response to the Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu 2021 Presidential petition setting the stage for a fierce court battle between both sides. ...
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  • GUEST_1NdVk99lo

    02-06 17:34:47

    It's difficult but let wait and see! Writer please there is an official document written 2012 instead of 2021!

  • GUEST_R5D8zzA30

    02-07 10:40:47

    bobi take over you have a good man in Uganda people I'm man of God

  • GUEST_nM6D5GXp0

    02-06 16:05:39

    May the Ugandan judicial system borrow a leaf from the Kenyan one that annulled kenyattas win in 2017.

  • sonofman.

    02-06 14:41:43

    Museveni doesn't not need court to go because court belongs to him its better to take a tuff action on him

  • GUEST_65kO3jBJ9

    02-06 18:02:09

    sorry our beloved son

  • GUEST_NmBxPnVro

    02-06 14:58:39

    if the court can honner him by informing on the last day then the deal is done,hmmm! Ug

  • MugisaAmos

    02-06 14:54:08

    don't u see he has filled in papers of defence after having paid a visit to them, is it not scaring the judges but everything thing has an end, u like or not eh eh, Amen

  • GUEST_R5DgW82Y2

    02-06 14:44:23

    Empty tins.

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