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"Hustlers Are Just Thieves, William Ruto's Political Games Will Soon End in Tears!" Mp Says | All Comments

2021-02-18 06:28:08
Rarieda Mp Hon Otiende Omollo has said that the Hustlers are thieves, and William Ruto's movement is meant to destroy Kenya.The Hustler Narrative according to Him is a trap to incite the Rich against the Poor, for political purposes. ...
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  • GUEST_LG903Eyda

    02-18 07:46:34

    the other day

  • StephenMbithiNzivo

    02-19 07:44:07

    Mutua don't make me laugh the way u have stolen from us u can stand in front of Pple and claim to be clean let me tell u that the whole of Kenya know u not bcoz of good deeds but corruption and u will never move from there mark my words. Bidden is at 70+ and still holding on what is he different with African. Shame on u Kanwana ka sinema.

  • PeterAkhonya

    02-18 19:47:07

    to liberate the country from what mheshimiwa? there is no day we shall be all rich or all poor in any given country. the hurstler narrative is to create class war. go read the animal farm by George Orwell.

  • +254-72011****

    02-18 07:39:16

    why is it all your attention is on hustler nation, tell people what your leader plans to do for them if ever he ascends to presidency

  • GUEST_LG903Eyda

    02-18 07:46:00

    Yes Mr Mutual they are the reasons Kenyans are poor. Even in Mululu the other during Mama Anna's burial we saw how poor the roads were.

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