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Ena Coach Bus Company Accused of Alleged Theft | All Comments

2021-02-13 06:50:40
The Ena coach limited company has left Kenyans Eliciting Mixed reactions after it was sued for alleged theft. ...
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  • GUEST_xV8gLpM2B

    02-13 09:36:34

    Hi can you assist to advertise a product here

  • GUEST_W91vnv7Lb

    02-16 06:38:47

    Nd I saw it somewhere they even go as far as slapping customers if you go there to follow up.....🤔🤔🤔🤔. So sad.

  • SammyNyongesa_03

    02-13 09:35:53

    Pls avoid that bus

  • GUEST_oWyqkmEPy

    02-13 13:04:55

    they have started to behave roguely even in their shuttles,I booked the shuttle and one of the staff in kisii changed my ticket to his friend so that I can wait for another shuttle,mr must call call an urgent meeting with the management staff to iron out these issues or things might go south very soon ,he must redeem the image of the company

  • Legalizer

    02-13 10:02:53

    They should pay with costs,damages and character assassination

  • Legalizer

    02-13 10:05:23

    I'm appealing to Kenyans of good will to avoid this ENA kissi buses at all costs. They have proven not to reliable on customer satisfaction with lots of under dealings

  • GUEST_X6WLbnG3x

    02-14 03:49:36

    pole sana

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