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Mohamed Ali's Amazing Work Impresses DP Ruto And Kenyans [Photos] | All Comments

2021-02-06 15:45:22
On his final day of the tour to the Coast region, Deputy President William was scheduled to officially open the newly built 'Kwa Bullo' Primary and Secondary schools in Nyali constituency today. ...
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  • KumbaJoseph_01

    02-06 18:21:00

    good work bt its our taxes.ain't privileges in fact we need better

  • obelixwalii

    02-07 19:55:52

    moha was elected as an independent candidate....not ODM

  • FrederickWOmondi

    02-07 04:33:38

    I thought he was elected as ODM Mp.

  • KidaliAmuyunzu

    02-07 12:20:15

    What could you have shown if money did not trickle to constituencies, now bbi want s to bring more money you opposing. Without being put into constitution ,this boss of yours will not do it, better Uhunye is there but forget everything will to one community as during position sharing n Jubilee. Others got what Uhuru had, for him it was for his community , the rest to continue begging. BBI supported

  • +254-72344****

    02-06 19:45:18

    Good work mohammed Ali

  • Dshaps

    02-07 22:57:49

    when's the last time you heard of/saw ur M.P..since election?🤔

  • +254-75858****

    02-06 23:03:01

    Junet kazi yake in Raila ,good job moha.

  • GUEST_DpYalOggK

    02-06 21:08:33

    That's the reason we support BBI, More funds at the Ward level to supplement the CDF.

  • GUEST_jqrZEnkvr

    02-06 21:24:04

    Job well done nyali mp bw Mohamed Ali,isipokua ujinga uko nayo,we ni mchapa kazi.


    02-07 13:30:09

    Great leader this man Ali!! Just like Ruto 🕺🤺!!


    02-07 04:15:09

    Junet wacha ujinga.

  • GUEST_Qb2aLnw3v

    02-07 17:02:06

    Such leaders is what we need in kenya.not the greedy and talking onece.action.is what we need.

  • PeterNgetich_05

    02-07 01:52:32

    Good job Mohammed God bless you abundantly. Continue the journey of empowering the world with our next president.

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