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"Bobi Wine Has no plan A or B move,"National Resistance Movement Propagandist Basajjamivule Says | All Comments

2021-02-14 04:43:07
The National Resistance Movement (NRM) propagandist Basajjamivule Nsolo Nkambwe has come out to once again attack the National Unity Party head Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert. ...
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    02-14 08:31:47

    In his stupid reasoning Museveni should have been given a free ticket back to state house without being politically challenged? That's what is expected from these money minded, foolish Ugandans. Their work is to praise dictator in return for money, Hon. Abiriga did that for years but no talks about him anymore. Let talk sense in order to improve and build our country rather making reckless statements because you're paid to do so.

  • KugumaIgnatius

    02-14 06:55:18

    Tell them they don't hear.

  • ugandan_01

    02-14 06:48:16

    look at the baboon

  • KealiMarks

    02-14 11:10:05

    The bread in your mouth is soon coming out.

  • GUEST_PxEwQ2zzL

    02-14 06:00:06

    God had astrong reason to make you the ugliest man in world cause he new nothing sensible will come out from you with those big eyes


    02-15 15:19:33

    Mobile,this is not war y generals are needed ,m7 failed in politics and resorted to intimidation using Generals,tankers,etc.

  • Analyst

    02-14 16:03:28

    M7 never defeated Amin, Mivule needs to get his facts right

  • AlinjunaJohnny

    02-14 12:00:26

    True 💯 mengo project and it's member Bobi have no where to take this country. just suffering from propagandism

  • BukomekoSteven_01

    02-14 07:46:32

    Mivule, at your age I'm sure you know or heard of "akafuni" it was a traitor's way to die. Your president knows it very well. It's a matter of time and that time is coming.

  • DaizBwoy

    02-14 19:24:32

    You I'll die soon

  • GUEST_NrRN3p2R0

    02-14 19:10:44

    Assuredly you said it. And most of bobi wine's supporters are his fellow bagandas who lead in smoking weeds like him.

  • GUEST_GaOE8wG61

    02-14 05:49:05


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