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"Jaribu Rift Valley Baba "ODM Party Leader Special Request After Meeting Kikuyu Elders | All Comments

2021-01-14 17:15:37
9DM Party leader Raila Odinga met with Kikiyu elders at in Ruaka Kiambu county. The former prime minister is selling BBI to Mt.Kenya to get support in his bid to unite kenyans all over the country . "Spent part of the afternoon in Ruaka, Kiambu county enga ...
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  • jactoneomondi_01

    01-14 18:48:40

    Edwad please it may be bad but dont say its bad cz baba or Kenyatta is for it,please

  • GUEST_rv5KoJ6Bg

    01-15 00:29:54

    tribalistic n antagonistic comments.

  • EdwardChirchir_01

    01-14 18:42:37

    BBI is a barren tree without fruits neither can be used for firewood nor building

  • GUEST_58vbxGXbB

    01-15 19:03:11

    I hear in BBI counties will receive 35%instead of 15%不不不.where will Baba get the money from yet they are struggling to fund 15%不不不 raila stop playing with us.

  • FrankLagat

    01-15 14:54:29

    come bring with you hard copies

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