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"Even the ICC is now Singing the Newly Released Hustlers Anthem", Kenyans React to ICC Appointment | All Comments

2021-02-13 06:34:09
Karim Khan has been voted in as the new International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor for a term of 9 years. ...
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  • +254-072480****

    02-13 09:00:47

    Let's start a world revolution. The hustler and plans to go to Mars will mute

  • mangarapeter

    02-13 09:01:55

    well, he is now a prosecutor and not a defender of the him.

  • DavidSamoei

    02-13 08:56:23

    Remember Khan did a splendid job he deserves

  • IsaacMugambi_01

    02-13 09:16:16

    When Ruto said 'nilisaidia Raira akawa prime minister, nilisaidia Uhuru akawa Rais' nobody wanted to believe. Now I know it is true

  • +254-72258****

    02-13 10:11:57

    Yes God is good all the time,and All the time God is......,hustler to the end,we must reclaim our share of this beautiful land Kenya,dynasties must return what belongs to Kenyan,Amen

  • BenIkasi_01

    02-13 08:34:13

    no comment

  • KipropSigei_01

    02-13 10:30:28

    congratulations to Karim Khan!!!!!

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