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Bible: Read these Three Book Verses and See How God is Going to Protect You Against the Evils | All Comments

2021-02-13 18:26:02
Whenever you read the Bible you will see that we have to do good things about the will of God.In the world we have evil people who are doing what The Almighty is telling us not to do or even engaged in. ...
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  • +254-71246****

    02-14 04:02:32

    relevant, be blessed

  • RuthMathare

    02-13 21:45:28


  • GUEST_z6p0nyJX4

    02-25 02:46:08


  • 669🤬

    02-13 22:06:12

    Christians are soo funny 🤣..u think this story book is gonna protect u??.how naive

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