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Uhuru vs Kibaki, Who Developed More Infrastructure In Kenya. Photos Don't Lie | All Comments

2021-02-04 10:14:37
Former president of Kenya Mwai Kibaki invested greatly in the country's roads. He nearly tripled the length of the road network over 10 years in office. During his tenure the Kenyan road network a combination of both paved and unpaved roads grew to 166,000 ...
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    02-10 13:19:29


  • KiruiGeoffrey

    02-13 06:54:45

    l will remember kibaki government forever. the best government in Kenya history

  • JustinaMwendwa

    02-04 14:55:58

    Better Kibaki!

  • GUEST_LpAJ5y720

    02-12 13:32:06

    kibaki is incomparable to no other man i just wonder how much kenyans would have achieved if kibaki worked with devolution

  • AbdullahiAbdikadirHussein

    02-21 21:09:50


  • JobMachini

    02-12 18:28:08


  • ChachaMwita_06

    02-09 19:34:07

    some areas only here of these roads in opera mini.. or does Kenya end in Nairobi and central

  • GilbertKinyamu

    02-07 09:42:31

    on infrastructure Uhuru is unbeatable so far.

  • GUEST_O6p90v5A9

    02-05 18:34:20


  • GUEST_zQ2lrwpyX

    02-05 08:59:30

    Eventually, more praises will go to Uhuru once he hv left power. But 4 now many will praise Kibaki

  • GUEST_vpXpAK0Jm

    02-07 08:40:10

    Kibaki my friend no one can beat kibaki

  • GUEST_L79ko9bZe

    02-06 09:44:11

    Uhuru has done more roads than any preso

  • JosephWaithaka_01

    02-13 13:10:45

    Uhuru of course!

  • Legionhacker

    02-07 18:55:18

    Uhuru's is better but built on loan!!!

  • JamesSimiyu

    02-07 11:07:14

    Kibaki the man

  • georgerick

    02-27 17:29:16

    Uhuru has only odums centre,jomo Kenyatta stadium.bbi,kirubi stadium.kiringiti stadium.kep keino stadium,most of these staduims we're promised ten years bark nothing has been delivered,mist are incomplete,

  • GUEST_agakL8AB2

    02-14 11:04:03



    02-07 18:40:08

    Infact President Uhuru has done a lot in infrastructure during his term not forgetting rural electrification.....

  • sonofman.

    02-04 14:47:03

    They are all better than Museveni who just rigs election and kill,kidnap hence arrest Ugandans as well as nepotism

  • georgerick

    02-27 18:46:00

    rural ellectrificstion was project of Obama and the USA , government,rail thinks high way kibaki.uhuru should complete stadiums by the end of these year and streaming sports sector,only these will leave a mark on his legacy,plus bbi.and huduma centre otherwise the guy has only left us in billions of Dept,money borrowed only 25per cent can be accounted for ,the aretherd stolen at a rate of 2billion daily

  • GUEST_6KjWx4vyE

    02-13 09:33:27

    uhuru see the railway, is like for UAE..

  • EnockElijah

    02-12 18:52:28

    Uhuru his admirable president not like this Juntas uganda has just killing innocent people & rapping our mothers, sisters museven he deserve to be in the dungeon

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