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Impending Set Back To The Hustler Nation Brigade If The Following Regulations Are Passed Into Law | All Comments

2021-02-16 10:33:41
The deputy president and hustler nation brigade might soon begin to invent a new political slogan if the proposed amendments will be adopted into law. ...
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  • +254-072****

    02-16 17:37:40

    Threats amounting to nothing,this are KANU old system of oppression,we fought and won independents, while going true such evil laws, kipande system,nyayo house terror,all came and pass,

  • KennedyMurrey

    02-19 15:15:01

    it is person and personality that matters not a narrative

  • oliverOtambo

    02-17 17:41:13

    if Parliament has been reduced from respectful position of legislation to slogan targeting then it will be a sad day for kenya

  • PoliNews

    02-16 16:40:07

    On point number 6. It's a lie. There is no record in time where Jomo Kenyatta warned his family about Raila presidency because, by then Raila was still young and was not even in Kenya during Kenyatta time. The only thing we know it was ideological wars between Kenyatta and Jaramogi, period. And as such His excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta came together With former prime minister Raila Odinga to solve their pending family feud through handshake that gave birth to BBI initiative. That's what we know for now....hiyo ingine ni Uongo ama propaganda.

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