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Touching Story; My Blood Sister Snatched My Husband Leaving me as a Single Mother [Video] | All Comments

2021-02-18 06:29:16
Lilian Migwi [Photo courtesy of YouTube]It is hard to let someone you love go.It is harder if you were married with well set marriage goals.It is even hardest if the person is being taken away from you by your closest family member. ...
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  • AnthonyNdege

    02-18 09:44:25

    Hii Ni kulewa vibaya

  • +260-97411****

    02-18 09:44:16

    Lilian, May God continue giving you strength and all His blessings. Please continue living that excellent Christian life to love even those who offend us. I most humbly believe our Father in His Heavenly Kingdom has already kept for you a golden space for your Eternal Peace and Glory.

  • GUEST_aOdxKz60E

    02-18 17:48:50

    That sister of yours is a prostitute plus that husband and that's abomination hawataenda Bali wachenzi


    02-18 10:22:09

    This is not normal if it was somebody else you can understand but not your own sister taking away her in law to her husband? its a taboo in Africa. Anyway the end is near

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