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Tragic Accident: Another Accident Happens in Nyeri involving A motorbike And Personal Car. | All Comments

2021-02-13 10:51:40
Drivers are know ignoring road measures, resulting to bad Accident happening.I don't know where the problem is .But the Gorverment through their board ,that is National Transport Service Authority( NTSA).Should input struct rules and regulations so as to a ...
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  • Mshetinews

    02-13 13:14:53

    hii maisha

  • Mshetinews

    02-13 13:16:23


  • Mshetinews

    02-13 13:15:19

    Siku hizi duthiii

  • Mshetinews

    02-13 13:14:46

    I don't love this

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