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"The Writing On The Wall For KPLC," Cheaper Alternatives Begin to Encroach Kenyan Market | All Comments

2020-11-21 08:29:40
KPLC will soon join the list of parastatals that failed to "read the times" and found themselves obsolete, by failing to to discern the needs of the people and emerging global trends. The list is long, but I will mention just a few: Kenya Postal services. ...
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  • GUEST_RxobZjZ5z

    11-21 16:43:32

    Fit Solar panels, you will never regret


    11-24 02:50:04

    To hell with KPLC, KPLC is a useless den of corruption, I applied for electricity connection in my rural home in kitale in 2010 iwas handed a quotation of 1.2m, useless people I forgot about it and switched to solar power and I don't regret the decision I made, since then I am OK I don't want to here anything to do with KPLC again


    11-22 16:05:48

    KPLC is such a pain..


    11-22 06:22:50

    Myself and many of my neighbors have opted and installed Solar power in my rural home after many years of request for power supply to our area bore no fruit. Arrogance corruption and insensitivity to customers collapsing kpcl.

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