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This is How Governor James Nyoro Has Transformed Kiambu County After One Year in Office (PHOTOS) | All Comments

2021-02-13 12:18:26
Karuri ultra-modern Fire and Disaster management in Kiambu County.The county government of Kiambu under Governor James Nyoro has recently launched the Karuri ultra-modern fire and disaster management. ...
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  • KasaineKasaine

    02-16 08:34:42

    Keep it Hon Nyoro

  • Mlachake

    02-13 20:28:11

    Trust the gullible voters to replace him with another Waititu

  • BernardMusau_02

    02-14 09:07:20

    rainbow hotel road. unaijua?

  • GUEST_yoXgyPn2k

    02-14 07:31:36

    waiting to send him home

  • WG200

    02-13 17:24:17

    politics of 2022 l am resident but have not experienced any development.


    02-13 17:53:15

    what is he doing in kiambu west? nothing


    02-13 14:58:03

    congratulations Governor Nyoro. if all counties have good leadership and visionary leaders Kenya will completely transform by year 2030.

  • AlexGitau_02

    02-14 13:23:24

    no impact can't be felt am a resident there gatundu north is it in turkana county ama no project there

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