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"We Will Not Participate In BBI" Kiunjuri Says As He Accompanied DP | All Comments

2021-02-14 10:28:54
The deputy president has today toured Nyandarua county accompanied by most of Mt.Kenya leaders.They attended a Sunday service at Africa Inland Church (AIC) Engineer, Kinangop constituency in Nyandarua county. ...
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  • GUEST_LeR70J64y

    02-14 11:35:04

    You are not a performer Mr kiunjuri.You were given a job,you failed the president and the people of Kenya.

  • Pakazume

    02-14 14:11:42

    Mr kiunjuri ur alone ranger u represent nobody please say u won't not we won't vote for BBI you have no following In ur struggles to seek refuge in DPs camp you'd better watch ur ulimi

  • GUEST_Vkpl1wKLo

    02-15 06:47:20

    kiunjuri you were rejected by your own people, how else do you think Kenyans can now accept you, while you also allowed cheap importation of agricultural products besides being a failure in the ministry of agriculture.

  • GUEST_m8Nzk8gzE

    02-16 06:48:06

    kiunjuri you are a spent force, finished,empty


    02-14 21:03:09

    Arudi kwa matatu !


    02-14 11:49:16

    Mheshimiwa Kiunjuri, whether 2022 or BBI, it's the high time Kenyans start scrutinizing the monkeys hopping from one tree to the other! And by the way,can you make public why your former boss (UK) sacked you?! Get a referral letter pls.


    02-14 16:44:42

    kiunjuri ,,,BBI will pass whether you like it or not...Umbwawewe

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