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4 Tips on how to interpret a dream. Have a look | All Comments

2021-02-18 08:05:39
Dreaming you are being shot with a gun by somebody, it couldn't harm you or it missed means, there was danger in your life but God delivered you.If you are shot and wounded, then it shows your life is presently in danger. ...
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  • Samics

    02-19 08:04:00

    thanks for this


    02-21 05:25:46

    Thanks have been dreaming such ppl want to torture me bt by any means l overcame, I know Jesus fights for me day and night

  • GUEST_XkdlabLgR

    02-19 22:49:27


  • GUEST_bE97Okmex

    02-19 19:57:28


  • +27-64065****

    02-18 13:04:26

    Amen Thank You

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