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''Mwanaume Ni Wallet Bwana Sio Wheelbarrow," Musalia Mudavadi Slams DP Ruto | All Comments

2021-02-17 13:25:04
Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi is a Kenyan politician, who served as the seventh Vice President of Kenya in 2002 and as Deputy Prime Minister from 2008- 2012 May when he resigned officially to join the presidential race. ...
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  • AnthonyNdege

    02-18 07:32:24

    Musalia is dynasty


    02-17 14:41:19

    Then dont call your goons to fight him. Fence seater.

  • GUEST_5oamr2Qkg

    02-17 14:39:18

    peana hio pesa yako

  • EdwinK.

    02-18 12:40:52

    Kabisa mwaume ni wallet

  • LawrenceBosire_03

    02-17 17:58:39

    William Ruto is much better than you by far don't try to compare yourself with him please!

  • GUEST_ooYbMaPyj

    02-17 20:44:17

    Yeah no wallet, tuoa yako ya makaburi (cemetery)tukule pia .shame on you when you talk about corruption

  • GeoffreyKukun

    02-17 18:59:09

    Explain why Ruto is better Musalia? Idiot,funga hiyo mdomo yako inanuka chafu

  • GUEST_lvG9KW8jR

    02-17 14:47:38

    This man is an idiot

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