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President Museveni Under Pressure to Stand Down as the USA Department Moves In with Various Threats | All Comments

2021-02-02 13:42:38
In the Last month concluded election held in Uganda where president Museveni was declared the winner for the sixth term in office extending his reign by another five years. Mr Museveni,76 is said to have use excessive force to intimidate people by suppress ...
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  • RoseOfem

    02-02 15:36:10

    am beginning to wonder.......America restricting ARV's in Africa... I think HIV was created for some reason.. likewise covid 19..

  • GUEST_zE7Pd9LaX

    02-02 15:59:38

    he should leave politics for the young ones for he old enough to retire unless he wants to die in office.

  • MikeImafidon

    02-02 15:44:11

    America should remove him, but don't punish innocent people with your sanctions.

  • computerusername

    02-02 14:55:49

    so america is these enought. Remove him, sanction only affect the population not Museveni. Remove him by force

  • ezramarita

    02-03 04:57:13

    does it mean AU can't do anything? how long are we going to depend America to clean the mess created in africa by Africans?


    02-02 15:18:02

    if this z true then you are not punishing museveni but you are punishing innocent people. just use your powers to remove him.


    02-03 04:34:50

    Uganda today is at peace because of President Museveni. America and any other country to respect the will of the Ugandan people. Kenya managed its budget during Kibaki's time and we lived within our means without depending on any foreign aid.

  • SirWuodAtieno

    02-03 12:59:52

    Au is dead

  • GUEST_mzno2ZaOe

    02-03 10:14:48

    Let me come to remove him

  • GUEST_9YxldwejM

    02-03 06:41:10

    America should not restrict any assistance to ugandans they are innocent citizens instead they should remove museveni from power.

  • MGVX_01

    02-03 06:35:33

    just remove the badger

  • MGVX_01

    02-03 06:34:52

    Uganda is an epicenter of evil. even idi Amin was Ugandan! satanic manners by musevini!

  • GUEST_Q0103mnWd

    02-03 04:58:24

    Where the Bulls are fighting is only grass got injured,,US if you're serious with this matter of Ugandians citizen,take this old man from power so people can have peace.poor people are suffering alot because of one person

  • KepherOtienoAbonyo

    02-03 04:15:37

    Report on reality not fantasy


    02-02 19:54:36

    Museven should deal with Russia n China n other Countries that are unfriendly to US.

  • GUEST_Gqvp8A3z9

    02-02 19:51:09

    There sanction is no long a threat to the world besides no one is interested in going to USA one of the worse countries in the world America shld live Uganda alone en concentrate in there issues they have created alot in the world

  • GUEST_ZwkxOpKXx

    02-02 19:46:19

    Helping African

  • GUEST_e7aleBYJL

    02-02 19:37:04

    I wish the restrictions could have affected only those found culpable starting with museveni himself

  • GeorgeOnyango_26

    02-02 19:35:47

    Why did it take USA long to react.

  • +254-71979****

    02-02 19:28:28

    Just a slap on the wrist

  • GUEST_9b8l0Xl6k

    02-02 19:16:15

    your the only saviours of Ugandans may God bless you abundantly If you do that

  • ChoreMwanzi

    02-02 17:54:17

    You can not punish children in a class because of one who was making noise. Some sanctions will only affect the common citizen but not Museveni. Essentials like medicine has nothing to do with Museveni, his family, military, ministers, members of parliament but only poor people living on one dollar a day. Museveni started well but he is ending Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Omar Elbashir of Southern Sudan. And if not careful, like Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Muamar Gaddafi of Libya, Mobuto Seseseko of Zaire and his own Idd Amin Dada of Uganda. Christians do say that you started Spiritual but ending freshly. Museveni why can't you learn from this past leaders ? You will end shamely and this will affect your children and grandchildren children. Don't ever think the way you're promoting Muhoozi is pleasing your or Uganda military. You will be surprised him being treated like the sons of like Gadafi etc.

  • 56krt2368

    02-02 17:44:13

    ms7ni deserve punishment that gaddafi of lybia 've gone thru b4 he died

  • AuricKyenze

    02-02 17:44:12

    M7 must go....M7 must go! No more time to waste!

  • ReichMarshall

    02-02 17:17:04

    much as I dislike the ankole dictator, US are no longer in a position to dictate anything about Fair elections after there sham polls

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