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Raila’s Powerful Message Sparks Emotions Among Kenyans As They Hail Him As Next President [PHOTOS] | All Comments

2021-02-02 15:09:49
The Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga has left Kenyans talking after the powerful message he delivered to Kenyans ranging from parents, children and the youth leadership. The witty message has sparked mixed reactions with many people sec ...
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  • GUEST_eKaaQmkjY

    02-02 18:02:02

    Hustler narratives is lord of poverty in kenya,how can someone contribute wheelbarrows to youths in this 21 century's.Kenyans be careful ruto is misleading the country, let us think a bout it.

  • EvansKaino

    02-02 16:46:29

    nonsense have you declared how you acquired your wealth?

  • GUEST_75R1rp2rq

    02-02 19:36:10

    Even if it means at gun point I will never vote for Raila

  • RobiwanswiCaaca

    02-02 18:34:28

    Raila is now agreeing to Ruto's hustlers narrative.

  • GUEST_lKezJ7bxV

    02-02 17:44:13

    You just bark now but tomorrow you will see that that Baba you abused was saying the truth.what will a wheelbarrow help your child surely....think Kenyans think.ntk.

  • kaliz

    02-02 16:29:02

    huslter all the way no turning back mganga should go home and retire

  • MugisaAmos

    02-04 12:03:16

    Odinga is a guy I admire , I wish he takes over from president Uhuru, Kenyans are lucky to have good leaders , God is with you always, he God does not visit Uganda I think of having Sinners , ugandans have suffered most are to regretting why are natives of Uganda


    02-03 13:17:00

    baba thanks for second liberation,2010 new constitution that brought devolution and now BBi with more funding from top to bottom

  • GUEST_vQ88LjK6W

    02-03 13:08:32

    #baba kwanza ruto badaaye, thoo

  • GUEST_vQ88LjK6W

    02-03 13:05:52

    The claimer for second liberation and new constitution(2010) was your initiative (own concept); if you desire that it be subjected to a bit of panel biting for Kenyan betterment through bbi,so be it.


    02-03 11:45:13

    Baba speak am listening

  • GUEST_BmPwvoxJe

    02-03 09:23:06

    weka mask boss ufike 2022 baba ndani ndani ndani so stop making noise nyinyi watu hustle


    02-03 05:51:47

    Sitaki kuachwa nyuma.Baba tuko pamoja

  • EvansIkomol

    02-02 20:09:11

    Ni wewe baba

  • EvansIkomol

    02-02 20:08:26

    Mwokozi wa wengi ni wewe ogwambo.

  • Christbuoy080

    02-02 19:56:18

    baba tosha

  • MartinSimiyu_03

    02-02 19:39:14

    I wish this petty hustler deception comes to a halt.Jakom is a sincere leader


    02-02 18:55:06

    Agwambo!jowi!!!jowi!!jowi!!!!. this round no one, ruto is aleaner from ur class, Ur the FATHER of AFRICA, God Bless U .

  • MercyWamuyu

    02-02 18:31:33

    You have sacrificed alot to put this country in order. This is your chance, hold it well even if it is one term. God bless you.

  • GUEST_eKaaQmkjY

    02-02 17:56:15

    Baba tibiim.

  • GeorgeOkoyo

    02-02 17:55:16

    on this we are together Baba. a f In this we are together. we need a promising future for all

  • GeorgeOkoyo

    02-02 17:54:55

    on this we are together Baba. a f In this we are together. we need a promising future for all

  • GUEST_J2YDXlg0b

    02-02 17:50:01

    ba ba. aitwebaba. yakuongana

  • GUEST_J2YDXlg0b

    02-02 17:46:14

    Kweli. aitwe. baba. yakuongana

  • Benzygie_01

    02-02 16:23:15

    @ ngumbau kumbavu

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