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What Ngilu Said About Ruto That Has Left People Talking | All Comments

2021-02-18 10:06:08
President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy Ruto are undoubtedly no longer seeing eye to eye since the handshake.Everyone is now doing their things despite promising each other' Kumi Kumi'. ...
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  • KajohnyKimanzi

    02-18 12:40:12

    Rais alisema aje hawezi kubali thieves to be leader of this nation.Ruto Sahau mambo ya president of this nation


    02-18 19:05:42

    She is a selfish woman

  • +254-72125****

    02-18 16:55:59

    lm afraid this wsr is not and will never be a liberator wake up to reality only afew qualify to be hustlers

  • SileiJnr_01

    02-19 19:16:37

    sijaona mama roho mbaya kama ngilu bure kbsa

  • KamauKamemia

    02-19 11:41:28

    Ruto is a threat to many politicians not because they are claiming that he's a thief, because all of them are thieves and they know it

  • GUEST_v5v5p2VEB

    02-27 21:09:48

    All the people criticizing Ruto are very sure that he is the Fifth President of Kenya!!! Ruto, Ruto, everywhere,mjipange kwenda nyumbani nyote, mpende msipende. Kenyans are tired with the Dynasties who don't even care about the common wanjiku. WAENDE NYUMBANI na BBI zao.

  • mikemunyalo

    03-17 17:07:11

    Ruto tosha . . .


    02-20 10:07:16

    Mama Ngiru alituibia pesa ZA dams Bure kabisa

  • GUEST_RYvpbdyRZ

    02-20 07:25:59

    Uhuru is a gentleman ,kweli alisema kumi take na kumi ya ruto akiwa dp,na itaisha next year waende home wote

  • GUEST_jk6Pbxpg3

    02-19 08:12:21

    Many people have the same view,you can't serve two masters at the same time,can't serve first yourself and then others,his priorities are upside down and that's the truth, about what ngilu is sincerely saying,this hypocrisy of a leader so selfish, balancing between his interests and others isn't fair to the government, little does people know they are known and seen.

  • GUEST_xnPZ570NO

    02-18 17:36:23

    Leaders should stop drinking alcohol and drunkenness so that they cannot blame others for their failures.


    02-18 20:57:50

    without Ruto handshake could have not taken place, so where is his mistake?

  • GUEST_wWq93bVzV

    03-19 02:04:06

    hii ni Kondoo ya siasa

  • GUEST_yRbEKybla

    02-23 15:27:50

    Ruto disrespected the President campaigning rigoursly as if election is tomorrow he should have persevered like Biden when he was Obama's deputy ,the late Moi was VP for 13years under Mzee Kenyatta was loyal to him till he took over after the death of Mzee. Look at Ruto challenging his boss of the govt failures while he is the Deputy shame on him Bure kabisa

  • GUEST_2k4GQj55g

    02-21 19:13:24

    this woman is very nuisance.. ..every debt is going on...but now his duties were given to matiangi.. so plz give dp a break.siasa ndogo ya ushenzi archana mayo.

  • VictorNyaga_03

    02-20 21:44:08

    when people gossip about you, be very proud, " kwinagûa wînawine"


    02-20 08:04:56

    Hata Kwa debe hatakuwa Kwa ajiri ya maovu mwenye anasema Enda dci fuatilia Murathe sentiment huyu Jamaa ataona elections Kwa CCTV


    02-20 07:30:37

    What has she done for this country or for her people only hopping where she thinks will win so she gets a share bad

  • GUEST_LX1nKePr9

    02-20 04:37:05

    Kenyans are no longer foolish. We are praying for 2022 to make Ruto the 5th president of the Republic of Kenya.

  • GUEST_RNz5RVlo0

    02-19 17:21:17

    kila politian akisimama ruto wheelbarrow hawana agenda

  • KayeeRyanNgina

    02-19 08:35:44

    unajifanya bure,wacha Ruto achukue uogonzi alafu maji ya uumaa dam ilienda wapi?tena will investigate the tendering and procurement department 2023 January

  • Scaramanga

    03-11 20:05:42

    Ngilu is right...

  • GUEST_zB2x3eb5a

    03-03 04:53:39

    leave Ruto alone He is our 5th prezzo

  • GUEST_jWKld3vln

    03-01 18:38:13

    Ngilu Kama umezoea kumisbehave ukambani kwa wakenya upate tabia nzuri bure kabisa

  • JohnLangat_14

    02-28 04:49:27

    Development agenda ?

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