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"DP Ruto is Inciting Jobless Youths Ahead of 2022 Polls" Says MP | All Comments

2021-02-16 14:48:54
Alego Usonga MP samuel Atandi has described Deputy president William Ruto hustlers narrative as a trap to hoodwink Kenyans into electing him in the 2022 polls. Speaking during an interview on KTN news Atandi accused DP Ruto and his allies of inciting joble ...
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  • GUEST_DwYdmwbM2

    02-16 16:04:04

    where are you coming from? another railas pregnant cow.

  • EvansAyora

    02-16 18:33:54

    Ruto is fooling fools with his foolish mind so all will be fools

  • +254-072****

    02-16 17:47:25

    unemployed of youths in Kenya,is a reality,ODM idiots are using youths as voting robots there after they ingnored them ,ODm have no agender for youths.

  • TimonKipchumba

    02-17 05:15:52

    employ all of them so that they cannot be incited

  • WenceslausIndongolwOkotse

    02-16 20:10:22

    let ruto ans this one, were there hustlers in kenya before jubilee came to power or, hustlers came in kenya from neighbouring country????

  • BenninShips

    02-16 19:32:34

    Odm took hooligans to Nyachaes funeral to heckle and harm dp Ruto. Hustlers are intelligent, true hard working Kenyans to eke a living

  • GUEST_xJDx1vE4g

    02-16 15:54:35

    when you call somebody a thief isn't that not inciting?do not panic


    02-16 18:41:07

    for sure ruto doesn't love peace he wants to divide kikuyus first. then other counties

  • GUEST_ADb13yNbx

    02-16 17:53:35

    he should resign join the hustlers and demonstrate against the demolition which is done by the government he represents or else he is part of them

  • KennedyMurrey

    02-17 11:39:32



    02-16 19:53:59

    True,the country is almost devided

  • oliverOtambo

    02-17 17:44:22

    youths are jobless so giving them basic tools to survive is incitement then leaders are not serious about creating employment and alleviating poverty.

  • +254-72906****

    02-16 16:06:15

    Big mouthed bull..

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