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Uasin-Gishu Speaker Suggests What Raila Should Do For Kenya To Move Forward | All Comments

2021-02-23 10:10:00
According to the recent tweet by Kenya.co. ke, Uasin Gishu Speaker of the Country assembly, David Kiplagat, has suggested that Raila should retire for the country to move forward. "There is a lot of dishonesty in Kenyan politics. ...
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  • JaberNyowila

    02-24 13:29:15

    this man is talking like an idiot.

  • GUEST_7emeAGVw5

    02-23 17:07:17

    Railas God given time is now please stop panicking

  • GUEST_MnzjPb08b

    02-23 16:19:49

    mr Speaker sir , you luck ideas to tell us, infact you are enjoying that seat that Baba fought for it, don't forget mr......

  • GUEST_yRnqDZ8An

    02-23 14:54:33

    I think the speaker he don't know what he is talking about!Raila is a leader like no one else

  • GUEST_5lek9ZGl6

    02-24 10:51:22

    This are some of idiots, remaining in Kenya,who suggested for counties ?when hiyo pitch ruto ilipinga hiyo katiba ya kwanza yenya anatumia sahi.

  • YonahAdero

    02-23 15:07:24

    Mr.Speaker Sir,u r comic!!So if he retires u will feel safe in your chamber?Let Agwambo not make u have nightmares.He is human n fallible.Dont elevate him to heavenly pedestal!

  • Mrsluggard

    02-23 13:07:14

    that's a useless idea of the highest order

  • GUEST_lNXyvlxpZ

    02-23 11:57:52

    You kale have a problem

  • BabaIgwe

    02-26 15:35:27

    who brought devolution?. for you to be speaker of county Assembly?.foolish

  • PatrickMaara

    02-24 12:11:50

    Karanja wa maara As a speaker of one of the cosmopolitan town we have in North Rift area, and as a learned fellow you should surely be quided by principles and not emotions. You know without doubts that there's no retiring age in kenyas politics. Why then do you get driven by fear. Yes you are fearing going the BBI way


    02-23 13:18:16

    Why should he retire because the speaker has said NONO

  • GUEST_jJlpJEobW

    02-23 14:27:53

    A stupidl speaker

  • +254-78980****

    02-24 18:27:50

    Tell that young man that there's no age limit in politics. How old was Jomo Kenyatta when he became the president of Kenya? Wacha upusi. If you have nothing to say don't say it here.

  • LawrenceBosire_03

    02-23 16:45:21

    You're a tantanized speaker


    02-23 16:35:01

    watu Wako na Evil Minds must you Raila to retire when can't win an election even at your home ground

  • philliparoko

    02-25 04:18:01

    this one knows very little about kenya πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ and Raila

  • MauriceGach-QuotaOkumu

    02-24 15:38:43


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