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Meet This Newly Launched Buses Unknown To Many Kenyans With Exclusive Features Plying Nairobi-Kisumu | All Comments

2021-02-09 15:44:24
Kenyans have been awoken up to the alert of new buses plying that will be plying the Nairobi-Kisumu route.The buses which belong to SilverCruz bus services has elicited mixed reactions amongst Kenyans with their exclusive features onboard. ...
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  • ChachaMwita_06

    02-10 04:32:32

    sibuor mang"ang'a..

  • GUEST_yBZvb7Xaa

    02-09 18:40:55

    may be hii ni handshake bus services. only mzimu wa BBI

  • HillaryAketch

    02-09 18:46:40

    why kisumu only?people from Busia we also need your service

  • EmmanuelAchieng

    02-10 06:44:36

    Kisumu Yurop we land we don't arrive

  • +254-71739****

    02-09 19:03:20

    kisumu here we come with benz wololoo

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