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My Mother And Uncle Slept Together For Me To be Born; woman Confessed on TV | All Comments

2021-02-06 18:04:27
A woman by the name Josephine Wangari has confessed that her mother and her blood uncle were involved in the act for her to be born, which is something very uncommon in African culture. ...
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  • GUEST_58vbxGXbB

    02-06 21:51:40

    you are daughter and cousin too😳

  • StephenMbithiNzivo

    02-07 14:54:35

    Just move from UA uncles house to UA fathers and whoever asks go for a DNA test period.

  • EvansAyora

    02-07 15:20:14

    she should be a happy woman because she was born beautiful and smart otherwise she has to live to the fullness of her life on Earth

  • JuliusNyambu

    02-08 18:59:57

    don't focus past,focus future

  • GUEST_rZJRrJmdb

    02-07 22:04:55

    This is terrible


    02-08 15:06:44

    A sin of INCEST again on Sunland, people can't even wait for their NEW WORLD ORDER where this would be LAWFUL, now it is still a sin under the Old Order of the Bible.

  • GUEST_e7aYmkav9

    02-07 06:03:02

    they are your father and mother. they behave like animals which cannot value relationship. that man is not your uncle but father.

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