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Drama as GSU Officers Rescue a Lady From The Wrath of Angry Bodaboda Riders | All Comments

2021-02-11 10:40:10
Drama was witnessed along a busy Nairobi Highway after a lady who was driving a Volkswagen vehicle rammed into a Bodaboda Rider.This caused a scene as rider from all coners started flocking at the scene, the bold lady faced them off in a fierce stand off. ...
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  • DpRuto

    02-11 12:26:06

    Hizi boda boda nkama jeshi ya wezi they are scary

  • GUEST_bXeOdwqa9

    02-11 12:56:40

    who will get rid of these rodents and scum of boda boda useless sewer rats


    02-11 13:23:29

    very dangerous people.

  • DanielOsore_02

    02-11 19:11:30

    Bodaboda riders must just misbehave everywhere. Hawa wasipona polisi karibu huchukuwa sheria mikononi mwao, this is not the Law

  • MauriceGach-QuotaOkumu

    02-11 16:20:50

    Kudos Utumimishi kwa umma gava tame Hawa hustlers πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†βœŠπŸ€”πŸ™Œ


    02-11 15:16:14

    it's a cry forgotten

  • GUEST_00bqVpKVV

    02-11 15:06:42

    Soon we are going to burn boda boda and introduce some other means of easy transport just wait

  • SamwelMwangi_09

    02-11 12:49:49

    Bravo.True Kenyan spirit πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

  • StephenMbithiNzivo

    02-11 17:47:30

    Pple running this industry must be issued with certificate of good conduct by the police otherwise criminals are hiding in there. Let us protect Kenyans who have worked hard to buy cars and whose mistake is causing accident.

  • stanleykariuki

    02-13 21:20:38

    State house road not high way ndanganya others


    02-11 16:55:34

    Dalili za vita ya Maskini na matajiri zimeanza kuonekana

  • GUEST_Nwj4bZRmx

    02-11 13:43:35

    Govt and police plus good citizens, help where you can. These guys are so unreasonable.

  • MaxPlanck_03

    02-11 13:38:51

    stop using them until they behave.

  • StephenWanyoike_03

    02-12 08:31:51

    these bodabodo guys are now like mugiki gang and if security guys are not going to tame them security of motorist will be at their hands,they break all road rules yet traffic police are busy with matatus

  • 184300

    02-11 13:08:03

    The government through the traffic police, should order all bodaboda to remove the extra light decorations they have put on those bikes . It makes it very difficult for other road users at night to see the road clearly and the main cause of accidents .

  • GUEST_MOb0varA3

    02-11 14:16:15

    This bodas sense in their heads through castration

  • GUEST_ZQRl5j1Jq

    02-11 13:26:11

    Yes, they are scary ooh

  • GUEST_oWyqkmEPy

    02-12 13:29:06

    why can't you just contribute positively on this matter instead of insults,it shows lack of maturity in us the way we respond to issues

  • Jogoookangwana

    02-11 18:26:26

    police kazi safi..Kila siku fanyeni ivi tujivunie kuwa πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

  • GUEST_y4bkqBnpB

    02-11 17:46:46

    hapo mtasifu askari sana,na anapoumia no body cares

  • KenyanM

    02-11 21:07:56

    The certificate cannot change a criminal into a good citizen. Majority of boda bodas prey on innocent women especially young women with sleek cars to create accidents, then demand for compensation. They also pick on young men in New cars especially at places where there is less police officers presence so that they can threaten and benefit themselves through harrassment. This mode of transport has been hijacked by bike gangsters who have spoiled the good name of the few genuine boda boda riders. The boda riders must be forced to be in groups of only 4 people per any boda stage. Covering about two kilometers apart or even more. This will help to contain thug mentality and kick thier asses where necessary when they misbehave. And Also get trained on customer care not local goons with baboon culture. πŸ™„πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ.


    02-11 18:28:37

    lasima tuesimiane kwa barbara we mtu wa gari esimu boda nawewe mtu wa boda esimu mtu wa gari

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