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Kenyans reacts after the ODM leader faced humiliation in Nairobi Burma as youths chant this | All Comments

2021-01-13 14:48:25
The Nairobi politics are now taking a new dimensions as the gubernatorial by elections is around the if all goes as planned. Different political parties are fighting hard to ensure they win the voters in Nairobi as it is this county that shapes the Nationa ...
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  • GUEST_wDa1BWy4a

    01-13 16:39:47

    hahaa mzee retire


    01-13 16:39:07

    you call pple takataka,,,and u expect good from them,,,,,utakiona


    01-13 16:35:13

    ,haaa who's laughing now?walitudharau


    01-13 16:30:32

    it was Raila it was to be okay. how slogans has Raila used. all of them were good to you. that he has none any slogan means tribalism or incitement. stop these jokes.

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