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Kenyans reacts after the ODM leader faced humiliation in Nairobi Burma as youths chant this | All Comments

2021-01-13 14:48:25
The Nairobi politics are now taking a new dimensions as the gubernatorial by elections is around the if all goes as planned. Different political parties are fighting hard to ensure they win the voters in Nairobi as it is this county that shapes the Nationa ...
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  • CornelAbira

    01-13 17:38:56

    No hustler thieves should be on the ballot come 2022.

  • NgetichPeterMenechwen

    01-13 16:21:52

    Unaita watu takataka na unahitaji Kura. your funeral talk is haunting you

  • HephzibahMwai

    01-13 16:57:00

    now Yu are setting a verry bad precedent...yu know what the followers of baba can do wait untill Ruto goes somewhere and see what will happen to him...I hope somebody didn't pay those hecklers

  • jkodero

    01-13 18:11:05

    Ruto will not be president in Kenya maybe S. SUDAN

  • GUEST_xY47wZJge

    01-13 17:28:25

    Ruto kipenzi cha wengi

  • GUEST_VQ98pk6lk

    01-13 18:18:27

    Ruto kipezi cha waliopotea njia

  • CornelAbira

    01-13 17:41:10

    Who wants a thieving president?

  • KaguambaKabua

    01-13 17:35:10

    we are fed up with euphoria, we need somebody to show us the way not vitendawili all the time and empty promises, better he came with mkokoteni and wheelbarrow, so many are using this .


    01-13 16:33:13

    Wakati umefika

  • GUEST_M52qrOWeP

    01-13 16:29:33

    We r watching n revenge for baba is at the corner,thnx

  • GUEST_xXKdQyX0g

    01-13 16:13:00

    Those against the heckling should be clapping if it were done to ruto .The residents never threw stones but peacefully demonstrated their desire

  • VdjEdrick

    01-14 08:13:21


  • GUEST_bK9Pjjm8l

    01-14 06:48:40

    My friends Nairobi ni kubwa so Burma peke yake.

  • JoeKemp

    01-13 19:44:11

    Relic nothing to offer really..

  • GUEST_LX1nKePr9

    01-13 19:29:20

    Raila's time elapsed. Take it to the bank. The current political arena has two camps. Mmand pk vs Ruto’s hustler nation

  • GUEST_wDa1BWy4a

    01-13 19:04:53

    Ruto is the anointed one

  • GUEST_wDa1BWy4a

    01-13 19:03:59

    The end of the beginning


    01-13 19:02:46

    mzae rudi Bondo mapema

  • LukaKimeli

    01-13 18:56:34

    I thought this was the right time to teach the young dog the new tricks but the young teachers are teaching the old

  • LukaKimeli

    01-13 18:53:45

    kipendacho roho ni Dawa chapo mchungu

  • PeterNjuguna_09

    01-13 18:27:16

    The rainbow is a sign of rain

  • ChebetTigoi

    01-13 18:13:02

    Baba ndio alituita takataka na ndio anaitaji kura kweli,Tuko kangari na Hustler

  • RozzinahKanini

    01-13 17:52:38

    paid goons bt poleni Rutto will never b president

  • N.O.I.C

    01-13 17:18:40

    Burma ni majority kiuks let them continue HATING

  • GUEST_wDa1BWy4a

    01-13 16:40:08

    ooh too bad

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