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Hassan Omar Booed and Heckled Infront of Dp Ruto as Crowds Turn Wild(Video) | All Comments

2021-02-06 13:10:48
Deputy President William Samoei Ruto has been camping in Coast region for the past three days as he looks to strengthen his political bases, ahead of 2022 elections. ...
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  • GUEST_LeR70J64y

    02-06 14:49:29

    ruto has no supporters at the coast,Uhuru is fair but not ruto,his supporters are only in sugoi.

  • DavidEdwards_01

    02-06 15:05:10

    Raila as always is the only politician with followers and not supporters. Supporters are bought to cause chaos and at the same time can change allegiance at any time.... Followers of an ideology will never be told on what to do but expressly do what they feel deem fit whether it's heckling or not! Raila is a miser and can't spend even just a coin in such... We just love him for free. Ruto has supporters even in Mt. Kenya but followers in Kalenjin nation only and that's why his time to lose wings from his supporters is neigh.......Ruto will never be the president of Kenya in 2022. May be in 2027..

  • Robbi

    02-06 14:20:03

    These were goons sponsored by Raila and Junet


    02-06 16:27:02

    Ruto is just wasting his time. Although he's washing his money

  • MountNews

    02-06 14:36:36

    the noises are clear indication Raila is more popular in the coast region

  • Robbi

    02-06 14:20:23

    But Ruto received cold reception though.

  • JeconiahJack

    02-06 17:55:33

    His half govt he only gave kalenjins and you dreaming

  • EricMuse

    02-07 04:21:05

    Ruto is like Bob Wine operating in a limbo !.

  • GUEST_OLmVw0k0m

    02-06 15:56:51

    Ruto mambo yote

  • GUEST_3gb8Orz72

    02-07 08:19:40

    The computer generated leaders...ati ruto anaringa,let him cool down

  • KatanaMulewa

    02-06 18:24:32

    Hebu sikia hii jinga ingine inasema nini?bure kabisa

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