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Raila Odinga's Daughter Reveals What President Magufuli Did After Her Brother, Fidel Odinga Died | All Comments

2021-03-18 14:23:03
The daughter of the former prime Minister of Kenya and orange democratic party leader, honorable Raila Amollo Odinga has finally taken to her Facebook account to express her pain and agony after the death of the president of the republic of Tanzania, honor ...
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  • GUEST_gWlDolQ7q

    03-18 17:03:04

    who bewitched you the odingas always when someone died you start the story of oh. he told me this and that are you looking for what

  • GUEST_rwo6GDX4x

    03-18 16:56:06

    May God Rest His Soul in Peace. Good people never live long. Its Sad.

  • GUEST_NB9G1vM4o

    03-18 17:49:39

    Omwami. Can't a person from a prominent say something without some of you feeling small and spewing vitriol? Grow out of that small cocoon and think big or rot there forever.

  • GUEST_58vbxGXbB

    03-18 17:45:39

    hope you guys appreciated him when he was alive.

  • GUEST_egRYbdwxl

    03-18 16:31:49

    It's healthy to be appreciative however small things one does in ur life time.

  • NjoguDeeNjogu

    03-18 21:56:50

    RIP SUPER hero

  • BoazWekesa_01

    03-19 10:27:23

    As usual kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiida simnajua tu

  • InnohJohn's

    03-18 18:25:09

    Prayer to the deceased and the bereaved one's and may God rest him in peace 🙏🙏

  • GUEST_dVvrGKjjj

    03-18 18:13:08

    Daughter Odinga, remember God gives, God takes and therefore HIS NAME be glorified from now and forever more, Amen!

  • NicholasMusyoki_01

    03-18 19:55:59

    watu wa vitendawili

  • +254-71739****

    03-18 18:54:57

    me l did sent my condolences to my friend president who remains me of kibaki Mr tumbaf imetosha imbeni semeni hamtamfufuwa mungu amweke peponi tosha gari

  • GUEST_pw1rNbMnm

    03-18 16:33:48


  • HelenMutahi

    03-19 06:46:24

    It is always good to remember a friend who gave a shoulder to cry on

  • GUEST_b9Z30KxXx

    03-18 17:59:53

    It is with profound sadness that I send my condolences to the family of John Pombe Magufuli and the entire world. May his spirits live with us Africans not to worship Whites who worship social decadence as opposed to decency in the name of human rights.

  • GUEST_nxp1K0vml

    03-18 17:30:50

    wow very sad infact r,I,p

  • GUEST_0aoaoP9LE

    03-18 17:20:25

    May I also share with you this moment siz and to comfort mama Janeth and the entire family

  • AlbertWamalwa

    03-18 17:07:57

    True, Firmer president Joseph Pombe Makufuli was a true African, a true statesman, straight talking man, Goodwill to all. ponce was mjaba kasi and meant well for Tanzanian's and Africa as a whole. May God rest her soul in eternal life.

  • BernardMusau_02

    03-18 16:46:26

    yes Dr odinga

  • GUEST_qA5xnbl0d

    03-18 16:29:28

    So sad but be strong God wil has puporse will give another leader like her

  • KipchumbaKorir

    03-19 00:27:56

    May his soul rest in peace, poleni Sana familia kwa jumla na watu wa Tanzania

  • GUEST_7wyYjxpKg

    03-18 23:11:05

    My heartfelt condolences to the family

  • SalomeWanjku

    03-18 19:06:03

    rip tulikupenda zaidi maagu

  • KepherOtienoAbonyo

    03-18 17:55:46

    Kwani to know a dead person ina ongeza ugali kwenye meza?

  • RoseMwikali_02

    03-18 17:41:18

    I take this opportunity to sent my condolences to all my friends in Zanzibar and Tanzania, may God give you strength and peace during this trying time of the death of your president john magufuli

  • +254-79074****

    03-18 15:37:38


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